"I was an internet fraud victim few years ago and I took the decision never to deal again on the Internet. But now, thanks to you guys I handle again all my deals from my laptop. "
Ricardo Sevilla - Spain





What are exchange services?
International Fast Transport is a third party handling the transaction between seller and buyer. We protect your interests in all kinds of transactions. Our mission statement is: to bring a sound transaction of a seller and buyer to a quick conclusion.
Is using exchange services secure for me?
Our past experience shows it is much more secure to use International Fast Transport when selling or buying something.
Who pays the fee for each transaction?
It is up to the buyer/seller to choose who will pay the exchange fee.
How long it takes for a transaction to end?
Generally, 5-7 days.
Do I have to ask for consultancy before using exchange services?
No special knowledge's are required to use exchange services. It's simple and secure.
Why you need to use exchange services?
In today's world of business there are many people who are legitimately trying to buy and sell items to one another. With International Fast Transport, both individuals can be confident that their transaction will come to a quick, fair conclusion. This is the reason to use exchange services.
How it works?
After your auction or other form of transaction has reached the paying stage, both the buyer and seller need to agree that they will use exchange services offered by us. Next step, both parts register for a free account and the seller is placing the transaction, while the buyer approves it.
The buyer makes the payment to the exchange company, witch holds the money until the buyer confirms the product arrival, after that the exchange company send's the money to the seller.
Who pays the service fee to the exchange company?
The seller and buyer can agree on who pays the service fee, although the seller typically pays it. The fee for our service depends on the final purchase price of the item.
Can anyone use exchange services?
Yes, anyone can use International Fast Transport services and it does not have to be an "online" transaction. Items purchased from classified ads, etc. are all eligible. Our exchange may not be used for the purchase of real-estate or other non-transportable items. Also, our services may not be used to purchase any items which are prohibited by law. If you have something which you are unsure if it qualifies for use of GB exchange services, please feel free to contact us and ask.
Why should I use International Fast Transport services?
We are a holding company, we provide a low cost, easy to use form of insurance to make your transaction with other people a pleasure. That is why our company was formed.