Receive merchandise before the Seller is paid !
Protect yourself from credit card and payment fraud.
Exchange service fees as low as 0.70% of the purchase price
Buyer or Seller can pay this fee, or it may be split between them.
The Fee is determined by purchase price.
The minimum exchange fee for wire transfers is $15
Purchase Price
Wire Transfer
2.10% (minimum fee of $15)
$25,000.01 +
Instructions for Buyers
If you've agreed to pay all or some of the fee, it's automatically added to the purchase price of the merchandise, vehicle or domain name.

Instructions for Sellers
Once all terms of the transaction have been completed and verified, International Fast Transport will pay you within 5 - 7 working days.
If you agreed to pay all or some of the exchange fee, it's automatically deducted from the purchase price.
You may choose to receive payment in the form of a check sent by regular mail. You may also have payment delivered by wire transfer for an additional fee.